Gather is a Meal Planning and Automagic Shopping List app for iOS.

What do we collect? (in Plain English)

See the "Privacy Policy" below for the real legal stuff. In this section I’m going to explain in plain English all the information we collect.

Email Address

OK, this doesn’t even need to be an email address. The only time we know this is because you have gone to "Settings > Identify Yourself" and have saved your email address. This lets us find your subscription and behavioural events. You can ask us to "Forget you" too, which means that we’ll no longer be able to identify those events related to you. So you can give us access to "who you are" when we need to help you, and then take it away again.

Subscription Events

We use a service called RevenueCat to manage our subscriptions on the App store. RevenueCat helps us see how many people are trialing, whether they end up subscribing, what they end up buying, how many folks cancel and so on. It helps us understand what’s going on with all the subscriptions we have. See their Privacy Policy for more information on the information they collect.

When you "Identify Yourself", we save your email address against your RevenueCat profile (otherwise anonymous). When we "Forget You", we remove your email address from your profile and it becomes anonymous again.

We do save your RevenueCat ID against your Segment profile (see next section). This is so we can see what actions you take in the app. Now, of course, we don’t know who "you" are, unless you "Identify Yourself".

Behavioural Events

We use a service called Segment to collect Behavioural Events. We then sync these events over to Mixpanel to create dashboards and understand how users action en-masse. While Segment can be used for advertising tracking: we do not use Segment for this purpose, and advertising tracking is turned off for us. This means we do not track you across different apps or websites.

What are the kinds of things you are tracking then?

Here are some examples: "Started adding a recipe", "Added a recipe", "Added an ingredient", "Opened the Manage Subscription View", "Subscribed".

Here are some things I am definitely not tracking: anything you type in. I am not tracking the contents of your recipes (I am counting how many ingredients a recipe has, whether it has steps or not, and whether it has an image or not) or ingredients at all (I am tracking the type of ingredient: countable, weight, volume).

By default, Segment will collect some common information with every event. This information should not be able to identify you. It is also not being used to track you across multiple apps or websites.

Below is a table of all the events we are tracking in the app and what additional information we track beyond the name of the event.


Privacy Policy

Ludwig Wendzich built the Gather Meal Planner app as a Freemium app. This SERVICE is provided by Ludwig Wendzich at no cost and is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding my policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use my Service.